SafAle US-05 11,5g

SafAle US-05 11,5g

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SafAle US-05 (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) 11,5g

US-05 is an American ale yeast which produces neutral and well-balanced ales, clean and cripsy. One of the most commonly userd beer yeast on the marked. Forms a firm foam head and presents a very good ability to stay in suspension during fermentation.
Ideal for any American beer styles and all highly hopped beers.

Flocculation: Medium
Recommended temperature: Ideally 18-28°C
Alcohol tolerance: High (9-11%)
Attenuation: 78-82%

Recommended pitchrates:
5-8g/10L at 15-24°C
2,5-5g/10L for bottle conditioning

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